Back On Track

Jackie is not just an amazing coach; she is one of my most favorite people on earth! I may have a biased opinion since we were friends before she coached me, but after she helped me get my eating and health back on track, I have developed an even greater love for her. Throughout my six-week program, Jackie was a constant source of support, positivity, reality, encouragement and accountability. I knew what I needed to do, but I was in a rut. Jackie was exactly what I needed. I was successful throughout my six weeks, and I owe the majority of that success to her. Her attention to detail and focus on me as a whole person was key. She took the time to cater to me as an individual and that was so important to my success. It is not about what works for the majority, it is about what works for you as an individual, and Jackie helped me figure that out from start to finish.

- Lauren

San Diego, California