Busy days. Traffic. Constant emails and texts. Jam-packed social calendars. A never-ending list of tasks to complete. It’s so easy--too easy--to constantly be living re-actively instead of proactively. Is it any wonder we are left feeling tired, depleted, uninspired and unfulfilled?

When it comes to our mental, physical and spiritual wellness, we can’t just focus on the symptoms, we must dig to the roots. Symptoms are not the problem, they are the result of the problem. And like a tree, there is no separation between our symptoms and our roots - all parts are connected, all are in constant communication, all are affected by our environment.

6 Weeks Reform Online Package

The 6-week online Reform package includes:

  • Office hours

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • Free Printables and a loaded Gift Bag

  • 6 week online series to reform your life

  • 6 video lessons with unlimited playback

  • Welcome Kit from Reform sponsors

  • Module and content for each topic

  • One hour private consultation with Jackie  and a personalized reform health protocol

  • Live “office hours” two times per week

  • Community interaction with classmates


Reform is an approach to health I’ve created during my years of working with private clients, corporate teams and educational institutions. This program is built to help people re-form their lives and the way they live them, with God at the center.

Reform is based on nine areas of life: Faith, Nutrition, Functional Movement, Rest, Community, Personal Growth, Environment, Play, and Stress Management.

For Reform to work at its best in your life, I invite you to approach every topic with the following:






Health is a state of our body and soul together. It wasn’t until I aligned my physical healing with my faith and spiritual well-being that I truly began to see results. Reform is an invitation to strive toward (w)holiness in every facet of life, and in the process, thrive in health and wellness.

What is Reform?


Reform started with me.

There was a time not too long ago, when I was very sick, fatigued, discouraged, working nonstop and taking on the worries of the world. If I was to be successful, it would be because I worked hard enough to make that happen. And if I wasn’t, it would be because I failed along the way.
Rather than putting my trust, identity and (w)holiness in something greater, God, I took life on by myself and burned out in the process. Can anyone relate?

There is a better way. A way centered on faith, fulfillment and finding your purpose. A way that points every aspect of our health to our Creator and embraces Him every step of the way.

This is an invitation to begin the journey to a better self. To pick yourself up, dust yourself off and redirect your path. To arrive at wellness and (w)holiness.


How does Reform work?

Reform is a 6-week, interactive, community-creating, change-making online wellness program that restructures your life with faith and wellness at the center.

Each week a new module will be released, guiding you through the week’s topics, coursework and takeaway strategies. We recommended watching the video as many times as you need to throughout the week--it will available at your convenience and accessible via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Each module will address specific topic pairings:


Module 1:
Welcome to Reform & Faith

Devote yourself.


Module 2:
Nutrition & Sleep

The most powerful forms of medicine.

Module 3:
Stress Management & Community

Disconnect to reconnect.


Module 4:
Space & Personal Growth

Having less makes room for growth.

Module 5:
Functional Movement & Play

Build a foundation of strength.


Module 6:
Reform Your Life!

Commitment, consistency, change.


What does Reform Include?

Your Reform Package Includes

• 6 week online series to reform your life

•6 video lessons with unlimited playback

•Welcome Kit from Reform sponsors

•Module and content for each topic

•One hour private consultation with Jackie and a personalized reform health protocol

•Live “office hours” two times per week

•Community interaction with classmates

• Private Access to our Facebook Group

• Exclusive printables

• Hand-picked giftbag

“Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever; take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

- St Augustine

There’s more!

All Reform participants will receive an amazing Welcome Kit from our generous sponsors: Productivity Planner, Vital Proteins, Mammoth Bar, Puori, San Francisco Salt Co., Riva Letterpress, Siete Foods, ROMWOD…and more!

Remember: There is power in numbers, and this program not only offers you valuable information, resources and insights into your health, it offers you something greater...community. Reform is comprised of a small tribe of like-minded people, hailing from different walks of life and who’ve found themselves on the same journey to wellness. I applaud you all for making yourself a priority. For investing the time and resources to dig to the roots of your health and acknowledge what needs changing. We’re in this together.

6 Weeks Reform Online Package

What people are saying about Reform:

Jackie has brought everything it means to be a whole person into a unique, educational and inspiring platform. She is a wonderful leader and I finished with a new perspective on my life. Best of all, I left with a plan to put into practice. Her commitment to the whole person—physical, emotional, and spiritual addresses our health in the very best way!

- Aimee M.

My favorite take away from Reform was first formulating, then articulating, a goal for family meal planning and preparation. Committing to a plan by speaking in a group setting helped make it real for me. Jackie took me from broad-scoped ideas to manageable specifics in a matter of minutes. She worked the same magic for everyone — helping them plan and develop actionable items to facilitate real change.

- Erin W.

The beauty of this experience was not only connecting with every keynote Jackie shared with us, but to hear and engage with other like-minded attendees who want to better themselves. Jackie’s reform has help me find the path to my better myself. I have also learned to be sympathetic and patient with myself through the process.

- Giselle W.

Jackie’s Reform was a moving and motivating experience. Jackie is warm and inviting and encourages you to share in the experience with her and your peers. We reflected on what “health” looks like to us individually and how to deposit and withdraw from our health bank mindfully. We dug deep to reflect on our daily life and habits and made notes to commit to some changes that we would begin immediately. I already see a big change in my mood, my energy, and my sleep since Reform. I have been eating slower, unplugging at night, reading when I need a break from stress and going for walks. Just a week later and I already feel Reformed.
- Tara G.

Who is Reform For?

Reform was created for everyone to benefit from. It is a program built on intention and practice, so in order to experience the most benefits, we ask that you enroll when you have the time and energy to invest in completing the modules and implementing the strategies.

If you find yourself…

Overextending yourself and ignoring your health in the process,

Feeling imbalanced in your work, home and social lives,

Craving change or a better way of living,

Searching for meaning in the mega and mundane moments,

Living reactively rather than proactively,

Filling your calendar with busy work that leaves you distracted rather than dialed in,

Compulsively yo-yo dieting and regretting your food choices

Losing sleep and unable to manage everyday stressors

Finding yourself confused, exhausted and chasing an image of health

Craving community and feeling isolated,

Feeling disconnected from your faith and purpose in life…


More about your Reform Teacher

Jackie Mulligan is a Wellness Practitioner who specializes in creating a love for nutrient-dense, real food that becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Using food, faith and functional wellness as medicine, Jackie encourages her diverse set of clients to reconnect with their bodies and beliefs. In order to achieve and sustain real health, her unique methodology treats the whole system, rather than focusing on one particular symptom.

With a passion for wellness and a foundation in God, Jackie’s faith serves as the cornerstone of her approach as she guides her clients towards intentional physical, emotional and spiritual health practices.

What can I expect?

  1. How long is the course?
    Reform is a six-week online class. Every week, a new module will be released that you can access at your own convenience and watch as many times as you need to.

  2. What will be covered in the course?
    We will be discussing a broad range of topics that affect the health and wellness of our everyday lives for body and soul.

  3. What if I have a question during the course?
    I will be hosting two live office hour sessions each week to address your questions in real time. Not only is this great to return to (all sessions will be saved and available for viewing at your convenience), but it’s also a great way to connect with the Reform community.

  4. Who else is taking Reform with me?
    From CEO, to entrepreneur, to college student, to full-time mom--Reform was created for everyone and will meet you exactly where you’re at. Come as you are.

    There will be a members-only Facebook group to connect with your classmates and discuss, exchange and comment on our content. I will be moderating the page, addressing your questions and posting encouragement along the way. You will also be assigned an accountability partner to foster collaboration, motivation and consistency.

  5. What is the investment?
    $595 for six weeks of Reform. See package details below:

6 Weeks Reform Online Package

The 6-week online Reform package includes:

  • Office hours

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • Free Printables and a loaded Gift Bag

  • 6 week online series to reform your life

  • 6 video lessons with unlimited playback

  • Welcome Kit from Reform sponsors

  • Module and content for each topic

  • One hour private consultation with Jackie  and a personalized reform health protocol

  • Live “office hours” two times per week

  • Community interaction with classmates