Reconnect with your body and soul

Find and maintain your optimal health

Private consulting

Assisting you in achieving your goals, private sessions combines educational empowerment with customized guidance, plus careful consideration to understand you as a fully integrated, whole person.

group wellness

Wellness in the workplace not only fosters community and teamwork, it’s also proven to increase employees’ happiness, retainment, productivity and performance. My customized plans help employees feel empowered and valued.

youth wellness

Children are the future. As a former teacher, I love working with students and creating change for the better. When coming to your school, I teach health topics that are important to students and relevant to their ages.



Meet Jackie, your Functional Nutritionist

Jackie Mulligan is a Functional Nutritionist who specializes in creating a love for nutrient-dense, real food that becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Using food and faith as medicine, Jackie encourages her diverse set of clients to reconnect with their bodies and beliefs. In order to achieve and sustain real health, her unique methodology treats the whole system, rather than focusing on one particular symptom.

With a passion for wellness and a foundation in God, Jackie’s faith serves as the cornerstone of her approach as she guides her clients towards intentional physical, emotional and spiritual health practices.

Strong body. Clear mind. Rooted spirit.


Health Pillars

Health is a combination of human and spiritual well-being.

health pillars

Lessons from abroad & above 

When we turn our focus outwards, whether that is in service, exploring new cultures, or pursuing intentional relationships, we can find beauty, goodness and fulfillment, even amidst a suffering and chaotic world. I was blessed to experience all three this summer while halfway across the world, traveling across Europe to some of the most beautiful and holy sites I’ve ever seen.