Reconnect with your body and soul

Specializing in helping people find and maintain optimal health as a whole person.

1-on-1 consulting

Assisting you in achieving your goals, 1-on-1 combines educational empowerment with supportive guidance, plus careful consideration to understand you as a fully integrated, whole person.

group wellness

Group Wellness Programs are proven to enhance the overall well-being of employees and management in both the work environment and in their personal lives.

youth wellness

As a former teacher, I love working with students and creating change for the better. When coming to your school, I teach health topics that are important to students and relevant to their ages.



Meet Jackie, your Functional Nutritionist

Committed to guiding towards an optimal health and well-being my journey toward a whole and balanced life has been a dynamic, and expansive process. Along the way I discovered that one of my greatest passions is helping others build stronger connections to themselves, their health and their faith through wellness at every level: physical, emotional and spiritual. 

This desire to guide, educate and inspire led me to functional nutrition, and I now delight in supporting my clients on their own paths toward optimal nutrition, fitness and well-being. My unique and individualized approach to health focuses on each person as a holistic continuum of elements that include diet, fitness, living environment, career, relationships, emotional health and general lifestyle - rather than zeroing in on a set of symptoms and conditions to be “treated."

By shifting the paradigm to focus on more than just nutrition (which is a vital element, but only part of the wellness equation), we’re able to create real and lasting change.


Lessons from abroad & above 

When we turn our focus outwards, whether that is in service, exploring new cultures, or pursuing intentional relationships, we can find beauty, goodness and fulfillment, even amidst a suffering and chaotic world. I was blessed to experience all three this summer while halfway across the world, traveling across Europe to some of the most beautiful and holy sites I’ve ever seen.