CEO on the Go

"I am a business owner and a full-time model so how I feel, function, and look, are all crucial elements of my life..."

Empowered Healthy Eating

I felt extremely empowered after my first 30 days with Jackie. I have formed some amazing healthy lifestyle...

Living my Best Life

I was amazed as I looked over the long list of benefits I experienced over the last three months.

Profitable Investment

As a father of two, my health was more important to me than ever...

Surfer's Delight

"Admittedly, I was skeptical about working with a nutritionist, as I believed that for my age I was about..."

We Are All Somewhere

In my mind I had not "finished"…I was not done with my journey yet--but will I ever truly be done?

From Disordered Eating to Freedom

“Working with Jackie Mulligan honestly changed my life..."


"I thank God everyday for bringing Jackie Mulligan into my life..."

Back on Track

“Jackie is not just an amazing coach; she is one of my most favorite people on earth!"

Clean Mass Gains

“As a collegiate baseball player with goals of playing professionally, one thing I lacked was size..."

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”