CEO on the Go

"I am a business owner and a full-time model so how I feel, function, and look, are all crucial elements of my life..."

Discovering My Passion

What I achieved was far beyond that--I gained a whole new outlook on my health...and life!

Empowered Healthy Eating

I felt extremely empowered after my first 30 days with Jackie. I have formed some amazing healthy lifestyle...

Finding my Feminine Flow

I wanted to be able to take control of my own body and cycle again, and Jackie helped me to do just that.

From Wanting Skinny to Wanting Health

Redefining what healthy looks like for me made me realize that there was so much more that I wanted...

Graduating with Grace (Our Lady of Mercy)

Jackie taught my students by her words, but more loudly by her presence, that their best life is within their grasp and worth working hard for!

Healthy Mama

I wanted to create the healthiest womb for my baby and finally rid unhealthy habits...

Healthy, Holy and Happy

Taking better care of ourselves meant we were in a better state to be able to fulfill our mission of serving the men at the shelter.

Living my Best Life

I was amazed as I looked over the long list of benefits I experienced over the last three months.

Profitable Investment

As a father of two, my health was more important to me than ever...

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”