I am Jackie Mulligan, a Functional Nutritionist committed to guiding you toward optimal health and well-being. My journey toward wholeness and life balance has been a dynamic process. Along the way I discovered that one of my greatest passions lies in sharing with others what I’ve learned for myself. This desire to guide, educate and inspire led me to functional nutrition, and I now delight in supporting my clients on their own paths toward optimal health.

To assist you in achieving your goals, I combine educational empowerment with supportive guidance and take careful consideration to know you as a fully integrated, whole person.

Getting to the root cause of your health issues is essential to restoring balance and a natural sense of vitality. By supporting you in the design of a healthy lifestyle, you will achieve unprecedented results. I provide you with the guidance needed to use food as medicine with a truthful approach to wellness.

Whether you struggle with digestive disorders, fatigue, stubborn weight loss or balancing hormones, I enable my clients to overcome persistent challenges that traditional methods have not resolved. I help break seemingly insurmountable bad habits and create a healthy relationship with food. My comprehensive one-on-one consultations are perfect for the individual seeking a complete lifestyle transformation.

I also share my expertise and intentionally designed process with businesses, corporations, organizations and communities through programs developed specifically for a group-wide shift in health and wellbeing. No matter how we work together, my goal is always to advocate for greatness and to empower my clients to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. As your Functional Nutritionist, we’re in this together.



“Jackie practices what she preaches and is a true testament to what a coach and nutritionist should be — reachable, professional, knowledgeable and caring.” - PAT P, EL DORADO HILLS