I am Jackie Mulligan, a Functional Nutritionist committed to guiding you toward optimal health and well-being. My journey toward a whole and balanced life has been a dynamic, and expansive process. Along the way I discovered that one of my greatest passions is helping others build stronger connections to themselves, their health and their faith through wellness at every level: physical, emotional and spiritual.

This desire to guide, educate and inspire led me to functional nutrition, and I now delight in supporting my clients on their own paths toward optimal nutrition, fitness and well-being. My unique and individualized approach to health focuses on each person as a holistic continuum of elements that include diet, fitness, living environment, career, relationships, emotional health and general lifestyle - rather than zeroing in on a set of symptoms and conditions to be “treated."

By shifting the paradigm to focus on more than just nutrition (which is a vital element, but only part of the wellness equation), we’re able to create real and lasting change.

My journey

Growing up in a large, lively, and loving Irish Catholic family in New York gave me the opportunity to observe and interact with many diverse personalities and lifestyles. From an early age, I developed a skill in understanding the individual needs within my own family. Over time, my early adolescent role, “the helper,” guided me on a journey of empowering people to create positive change in their lives.

Driven and excited to embark on my professional path, at the age of 17, I first began my college career while simultaneously completing high school. By 22, I successfully completed two Masters degrees: Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Secondary Education. A study abroad semester in Salamanca, Spain, inspired me to direct my attention into public school education, and for the next five years, I taught Spanish on Long Island to Middle School and High School students. Although my time teaching was well spent, I knew there was a higher calling that I’d yet to tap into.

I received an email one afternoon from my brother Jason who was deployed in Iraq, telling me about CrossFit, a new health and lifestyle community. Always in awe of my siblings and their accomplishments, I was yearning to share a common bond during his deployment. As a part of this community, my experiences and newfound strengths ignited a respect for my well-being. Seeking a new beginning, I moved to Solana Beach, California in the spring of 2012 to begin pursuing a lifestyle and career fully focused on wellness. There, I began to design a more balanced lifestyle that included deepening my connection to the natural world, transforming my relationship to food as medicine, and most importantly, reconnecting with my faith.

I spent the next 5 years in business development for a successful Scandinavian startup that captivated my heart and drove my passion for health even further. Additionally, I spent a majority of my free time exploring the frontiers of living well, studying all aspects of health and applying my learnings to myself and loved ones.

From Patient to Practitioner

My most rewarding education comes from my personal health journey and first-hand experience with HPA dysfunction from stress (aka adrenal imbalance) and Lyme disease (enter: fatigue, digestive issues, depression, etc.). Although some of my darkest, most challenging times to date, these hurdles gifted me with first-hand experience, more knowledge, empathy, courage, and the ability to build a complete toolkit for healing my mind, body and spirit. I am continually amazed at how our quality of life is influenced by how we address and maintain our physical and spiritual health. Committing to movement, investing in our wellness and developing a practice of prayer and reflection can truly move mountains--I’ve witnessed it both in my life and in the lives of my clients.

All the information and tools I share grow from personal experience and professional knowledge as a Certified Nutritionist Consultant, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, educator and wellness advocate. I can equip you with tools and inspiration to help you continually elevate yourself and live better each day.

My work 

I’ve worked with clients of all ages and talents, including professional athletes. I've witnessed 100s of hours of competitions and athletes training, employees in the workplace, students in the classroom, private clients and their daily routines, and closely observed what behaviors, lifestyles, and attitudes led to the best results. After years in the field, I’ve distilled this information and developed an approach to wellness that focuses on the non-negotiables--physical, emotional and spiritual health--but leaves space to create custom plans for each of my clients to incorporate into their daily lives.

I now combine my experience in business, education and wellness to educate and empower people to live their best lives, and I invite you to begin your wellness journey with me. No matter how we work together, my goal is always to advocate for greatness and to empower you to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. As your Functional Nutritionist, we’re in this together.



“Jackie practices what she preaches and is a true testament to what a coach and nutritionist should be — reachable, professional, knowledgeable and caring.” - PAT P, EL DORADO HILLS